How Do You Write A 3-Paragraph Essay With Flying Colors?

A 3-paragraph essay is usually assigned so students can learn what is expected in a simple paper. It teaches the three main parts of the typical writing assignment; an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. While most of the assignments you will complete in school will be 5-paragraphs or more, it is believed that this type of writing assignment teaches students the basic format so future essays are not so difficult.

  • Part 1: The Introduction
  • The introduction should briefly give the reader a background on your topic and introduce your subject. If you feel you are stuck, do not be afraid to write down your thesis statement and save the introduction for after the body of your work is completed.

    The Thesis Statement

    The thesis statement is the final sentence of your introduction. It will introduce the 3 main points of your body, each of them working to prove your point.

  • Part 2: The Body
  • The body of your work provides the most information. It should contain facts that will support the thesis. In a typical paper, the body will be broken up into more than 1 section. For this assignment though, it will remain short. You will discuss at least 3 supporting details for your thesis, remembering not to go too in-depth since this assignment is meant to teach structure and not uncover everything about the given topic.

  • Part 3: The Conclusion
  • The conclusion is best saved for after you have written the introduction and body. Basically, it will synthesize everything that you have stated so far to make it relevant and re-state your thesis. It will also make the essay feel like it is over.

One way you can do this is with a call-to-action. For example, if you wrote a 3-paragraph paper on rising trends in animal abuse, you may call on readers to report abuse or neglect that they are suspicious of. You could also ask a question, look to the future, or show readers how your topic effects their lives.

As you write your 3-paragraph essay, remember that it is helpful for future writing circumstances. While the writing assignments that you do in school are likely to get longer, having this basic format down and knowing how to write a thesis statement for your essay will benefit your future work.