Systematic Guide to Write a Good Argumentative Essay

Writing an argumentative essay requires more than just having an opinion and expressing it. You can have a solid stance on a topic, but if not communicated well, you will be back to zero. Expert writing websites may come in handy. You can buy article online and don't worry about writing it on your own. Therefore, how you structure your essay is critical, coupled with having enough evidence to back your points. In this article, we take you through the step-by-step guide to writing an excellent argumentative essay.

What Is an Argumentative Essay?

When writing an argumentative essay, you are free to pick a stance on a subject matter. Afterward, you try to lure the audience into accepting your views by backing it with evidence and examples. This type of writing is common for high school and college students. 

How to Outline an Argumentative Essay 

A good argumentative essay should be straightforward and explicitly state your point of view without ambiguity. Here is how to structure your essay.

  • Introduction 

The introductory paragraph of your easy should cover the topic of discussion and background information on it. Being brief, you need to state whatever the reader should expect in the essay. It should include your stance on the topic and outline of reasons and evidence for it. 

  • Thesis statement 

This should be part of the first paragraph and need to be clear and concise. It is usually a sentence-long summary of your stance on the chosen topic.

  • Body 

The main body of an excellent argumentative essay usually comes in at least three paragraphs. It is where you explain into details your chosen position on the subject matter backed with facts and evidence. Each paragraph should at least address a new subtopic or bring in fresh ideas or arguments to support your case. Don’t forget your primary target is to get the audience into accepting your viewpoint. Hence, try to maintain your focus. Maintain a high level of credibility by backing claims with research and statistics. 

  • Conclusion

In your conclusion, summarise all the points you’ve already made in the body of the essay. You then try to bring your audience along into agreeing with your stance. Remember that this is not the time to make a new argument, emphasize your already made points, and you are good to go.

How to Write a Thesis Statement 

The thesis statement is the core of every argumentative essay. Though a sentence long, it serves as a summary of what the article is about and what to expect. The thesis statement is where you can grab readers’ attention to read more. Here are some steps to write an appealing and concise thesis. 

Form a question with the topic and answer it: Within the first sentence of your statement or in the title, create a thought-provoking question using the theme. You then try to answer the question in a few words. So, you ask, what’s the best country in the world, in your title or introduction? Then you can answer, Switzerland is the best country in the world, in the thesis statement. 

Other ways to write a thesis statement is to state the topic and argue it or write a brief outline of your arguments.