Tips And Suggestions For Writing A Simple 1-Page Essay

One-page essays must be simple. Otherwise, students would not stay within the word count for the assignment. Learn the details about this and other tips that will make writing a simple 1-page essay even simpler.

  • #1: Have Knowledge About the Topic
  • Any writing assignment instantly becomes easier when you are familiar with what you are talking about. When you do have a simple assignment such as this, knowing the topic will even allow you to complete your essay in 30 minutes or less.

  • #2: Keep it Specific
  • With a limited word count, it can be hard to get all your points across without going beyond the requirements (you can lose points for this too). For this reason, keep your sentences concise and avoid extra words that add little meaning to the sentence.

  • #3: Know When to Stop Researching
  • If you are interested in the topic, it can be easy to go overboard with your research. The problem with this is that you may find yourself with too much information to include in this short writing assignment. Aim to have three major points that prove your thesis and a couple supporting details for each. Keep things brief, since you will have a limited space to explain your ideas.

  • #4: Don’t Skip the Outline
  • Even with an assignment as short as a 1-page essay, an outline will help you organize your thoughts. If you want to stay on track with your word count, type your outline in a program that lets you track your word count. Aim to have 50-75% of the word count filled with your outline and remember to leave room for the extra words that will make your thoughts complete sentences, as well as the introduction and conclusion.

  • #5: Type Your Assignment First
  • Since you are working with a short assignment, it may be best to type everything into the computer first. Create your rough draft here, then print out a copy to make edits. Once you have proofread your work, you can transfer the necessary changes into the computer program and read through once again. Remember not to rely on the spelling and grammar checker of the program- this can miss things that your teacher will pick up and dock you points for.

  • #6: Make Every Point Count
  • Each point that you lose on this type of assignment effects your overall grade. This means even 1-2 points taken away for poor spelling and grammar or not following formatting guidelines can have profound effects. Pay close attention to the details of the assignment and know your teacher’s expectations. Do your best to write a paper that will exceed your teacher’s expectations so you get the maximum possible points.

  • #7: Treat this Work as a Learning Experience
  • There are two reasons a teacher may assign this type of work- either so you can prove your knowledge on a topic or to provide basic skills for future writing assignments. Either way, this type of writing assignment is intended to help you learn. Treat it as the learning experience that it is and you may find you have more fun writing it.

A one-page essay is simple. In fact, it is something that can easily be accomplished by a student with the right approach. Remember that this can be a learning experience and that it will teach you how to be concise with your work. Eliminate unnecessary details, stay within the project guidelines, and make every point of your writing assignment count by paying close attention to details like spelling and grammar and proper formatting.