10 common essay writing rules students usually forget

Writing essays and term papers is obligatory regardless of the course of study and college. However, few students are conversant with writing great papers. While practice makes perfect, there may be little time to adequately learn all the writing skills. Moreover, it is not a good experience to learn from your own mistakes.In order not to disappoint your teacher, you can ask for help. Here are some of the common essays writing rules that students forget.

  • Make your paper easy to read
  • Since many students are turning in their essays at the same time, your tutor might be overwhelmed to read through everything you’ve written. They most of the time skim through to check whether you understand the topic and adhered to the style guidelines. It is therefore critical for you to make short sentences and make your key points and ideas more visible and easy to read.

  • Add a compelling thesis statement in the introduction
  • A thesis statement is a critical part of your paper and should never be forgotten. You should make sure to place it at the end of the introductory paragraph so that it can act as a transition to the body of the paper.

  • Do not forget to use transition between paragraphs
  • While writing, make sure the ideas flow smoothly and there is coherence, leading the reader from one idea to another. Use of transitions will help you to connect each idea with the previous one making your paragraph more organized.

  • Cite examples
  • Every example used in the body whether from literature, news paper, scientific journal or peer reviewed journals should be cited. Always reference the source of your ideas.

  • Use present tense while discussing literature
  • This is very important especially when writing literature reviews. It actually makes the reading interesting and engaging.

  • Follow the essay guidelines
  • Despite the inspirational feeling of writing whatever is coming to your mind regarding the issue, you should stick to the prompt of the essay. Analyze your work to ensure compliance.

  • Follow the stipulated style and format
  • While using the right style and format may not get you enough marks, failure to follow the specified style and format may send a dissenting opinion to the person marking the work.

  • Use the right language
  • Use the right language and avoid slang. It is a proof of your ability to understand the topic and explain your ideas clearly.

  • Proofread your essay
  • This is important to ensure the work is free from syntax errors and typos. You can also confirm whether you have followed the specified referencing style.

  • Avoid plagiarism at all cost
  • Carry out adequate research and understand the topic. This will enable you to craft ideas which you can write down without copying from the source.