How To Write A 5-Page Essay Without Spending Too Much Time

Writing assignments for high school and college students can be any length, depending on the details of the assignment and what your teacher expects. Though a 5-page essay seems intimidating at first, once everything starts to flow you will reach the length requirement in no time. Keep reading to find out how to write a lengthy essay assignment in no time.

Step 1: Choose a Solid Topic

The first essential step is starting with the right topic. Choose a subject that you are at least slightly familiar with. This gives you an advantage because you already understand the basics of the subject. Then, choose an area to explore. It is best to come up with at least 2-3 topic ideas before moving on to the next step.

Step 2: Conduct Preliminary Research

Once you have your topic ideas, you should briefly research each. You can learn the availability of information, as well as whether you need to broaden or narrow your topic to meet the length requirements. At the end of the preliminary research phase, you will choose the topic that best fits the requirements of your paper.

Step 3: Create Your Thesis

Your thesis statement is a critical part of your essay, as it is the thought that ties all your points together. You should use this to guide your outline in the next step, so form a basic one and write it across the top of your outline. Each main point that you have should relate back to the thesis, while the supporting details will prove your major points.

Step 4: Draft an Outline

The easiest thing to do is review the information and then decide on how to group your major points. Once you have your thesis and major points constructed, you can add supporting details in each body paragraph. Try to have at least three major points for each topic sentence that proves your thesis, so each paragraph is as information-packed as possible.

Step 5: Create Your Rough Draft from the Outline

Once you have the outline, you turn the major points into sentences and create your rough draft. If you made a detailed outline, this will be much easier.

As intimidating as it sounds, creating a 5-page essay is not that challenging. Follow the above steps, format the right way, and proofread well to ensure you get a quality grade.