Useful Advice On How To Write A 1 Page Essay

Writing academic term papers that are several pages long often seems like a challenging and dreaded undertaking among students. However, writing a short paper that is limited in length, like a 1 page article, can be equally overwhelming. While a 1 page article is a short project, there are several steps you can take to help you make the task easy and manageable. Here are some vital tips on how to write a 1 page essay.

Once you have a topic, whether it has been assigned to you or you have been given the liberty to select one, try to narrow down your focus to a specific issue. At this stage, you also need to determine the purpose of your essay. Is it to persuade, describe or inform? Whatever the purpose of your article, make sure you are interested in the topic and you have all the necessary information you need about the topic.

Regardless of the length of your essay, it is always important to create an outline as it helps you to organize your ideas and thoughts in a meaningful way. The outline also serves as a foundation of your article and it helps you to see the links and connections between the ideas that you intend to discuss. After writing the title, list your main ideas and leave some space under each one for listing other ideas related to the main point.

After choosing a topic and listing your ideas, you should write a thesis statement. The thesis statement should tell the reader the main point or argument of your discussion. All your ideas should be related to the thesis statement.

Due to space or length limitations, your body should be brief and very precise. The body serves to argue, describe or explain your topic. The main ideas that you wrote in the outline should be separate paragraphs within the body of the paper. Try to limit your body paragraphs to three paragraphs each with approximately 100 words.

When creating an introduction, start with an interesting or attention grabbing statement. You can use a dialogue, an anecdote, a quote, a simple summary of the topic, or some shocking information. Whatever angle you deem suitable, ensure that it ties in with the thesis statement. The main idea here is to capture the reader’s attention and introduce your topic.

The conclusion of any essay is meant to bring an end to the topic, as well as sum up the overall ideas in the article while providing a concluding perspective on the topic. The conclusion should contain 3-5 strong statements. It should also contain a simple review of the main points and present a reinforcement of the thesis statement.

  • Pick a Topic
  • Create an Outline
  • Write the Thesis Statement
  • Write the Body
  • Write a Strong Introduction
  • The Conclusion

In summary, the trick to writing a 1 page essay lies in being brief, clear and straight to the point. You should use strong statements and avoid unnecessary explanations due to space or length limitations.