Composing A 5 Paragraph Descriptive Essay 350 Words-Try This Site

One of the most common types of essays in writing is a 5 paragraph composition. While most seasoned scholars understand how such a paper should be formatted, some students might experience some challenges when it comes to organizing as well as writing their thoughts to compose a decent composition. Here are some tips on composing a 5 paragraph descriptive essay.

The Introduction

A 5 paragraph descriptive paper should begin with an interesting remark as the introduction. Alternatively, you can introduce an interesting anecdote or a captivating comment or observation. Whatever style you choose for the introductory paragraph, you should compose a paragraph that can attract the reader’s interest. The main point at this stage is to encourage the reader to continue reading the paper rather than skimming through to the last section.

The Body

The body of such an article consists of three paragraphs which also form most of the composition’s content. Each of the three body paragraphs should address the three most important supporting concepts or issues about what you are describing. It’s upon you to decide on what these three most important issues are. As a cardinal rule, the three paragraphs should at least provide information, describe the metaphorical or physical characteristics of what you are describing, and have a smooth transition to the concluding paragraph.

The Conclusion

The last part of such an articleis the conclusion. Although it is the end, you must write a superb ending note that will leave the reader satisfied with the paper. A good conclusion should have a parting statement, convey some emotions to the audience, elicit a response, and highlight summaries. These factors help to give your composition a fine finishing touch that shows illustrates your writing talent.

Before you turn in your article, make sure you proofread the paper carefully and make corrections where necessary. It also helps to check out a few examples of such a 5 paragraph descriptive article before starting to write yours. For some examples of a 5 paragraph descriptive essay, try this site.